Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty & Family, Drum, Binghamstown to Minneapolis. SS Nestorian

by ionaddeirbhile

Annie Geraghty, daughter of Henry & Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty

Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty along with her family, Mary age 24, Pat 22, Ellen 20, Kate 18, James 9, Annie 6 and Lizzie 4, emigrated from the townland of Drum, near Binghamstown, situated on the Mullet Peninsula.  The Geraghty family left onboard SS Nestorian 30th March 1883. No destination was stated for the family, on the ship’s manifest.

The 1885 Minnesota State Census shows Ann and husband Henry “Garrety, Garrity” (who may have travelled out before the family) also Mary, Patrick, Kate, James, Annie and Elizabeth, living in Minneapolis. The family continued to make Minneapolis in Hennepin County, their new home. (The Geraghty surname for many families leaving Mayo at this time and later, often became known as Garrity).

We are fortunate to have Bob, Mary and Ruth, descendants (respectively) of Patrick, Kate, and Annie Geraghty, three of Ann’s children onboard the sailing, in contact with the site. Ruth, kindly shared the beautiful photograph of her Grandmother Annie. Descendants of Henry and Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty in the U.S. would like to contact present day relatives. Anne (Gaughan) Geraghty’s parents were Malachy Gaughan and Ann Lavelle (source descendants)

Through the ongoing research, almost all the families who boarded SS Nestorian at Blacksod Bay, 30th March 1883 are remembered in some way. This may be by descendants, or finding a Birth, Baptismal or Marriage Record, sourced here in their ancestral homeplace of County Mayo. Also with the absence of relevant Census records, we sometimes have to wait a while to find family members again, (Thankfully not too long for the Minnesota State Census 1885, to show our Mayo families who settled there) When we re establish that bond, we then re discover  part of our community, having forged out a future for themselves and children in the US and Canada, and being proudly remembered by their families today.

Thank you to everyone, who continues to make, re establishing this  bond possible, by interacting with the website.