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by ionaddeirbhile

Bryan, Mary (Reilly) Carey Family, Aughadoon, Belmullet to Lost Creek, Pennsylvania. SS Corean 1884

My ancestors settled in Centralia, Pa. very close to Lost Creek. My ancestors were the Ned Lavelle family and crossed on the SS Nestorian March 30, 1883. I am writing a family history of the Lavelle family and have documented and told the story of all who came over. If you would like to share, so would I.

John Eyre


Jordan, Barrett, Cawley, Geraghty Families, Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo to Rushville, Indiana.  (SS Nestorian & SS Waldensian)

My Grandmother Annie Geraghty (Garrity) was on this ship also. I wonder if we are related, as her [mother] was Anne Gaughen. [My Great-Grandmother]

Ruth Gaytan


Variations of Surnames. BLACKSOD BAY Main Website.

Another variation of Togher is Taugher. Pat Taugher of Shraigh,Bunniwillan area married my grandfather’s sister, Mary Dent, Grand-daughter of Ned Barrett from his first wife, Nappy Gaughan. The Taughers went to Holyoke and later settled near there in South Hadley, MA.

Richard Le Maire  (Richard’s ancestors Ned Barratt & Family boarded SS Nestorian and settled in Pennsylvania.)


Anthony, Mary McManmon and Family, Tallaghanduff, Doohoma to St. Paul, Minnesota SS Waldensian

My great grandfather, Patrick James mcmanmon left blacksod bay on the Nestorian in 1883 for Boston. He ended up staying in Massachusetts.

Peter McManmon