Peter J. Gaughan age 9, Shraigh, Co. Mayo, with his parents and siblings left Blacksod Bay onboard SS Nestorian 30th March 1883

by ionaddeirbhile

Peter J. Gaughan Jnr. SS NestorianPeter J. Gaughan (b. 16 Jul 1872, Mayo, Ireland. d. 29 Jun 1935, Scranton, Pa., USA). Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the Blacksod Bay Emigration Database. As an American, it is an invaluable service for me to find a connection to my ancestors, who left Ireland on the S.S. Nestorian on March, 30, 1883. I look forward to checking back regularly to the site to learn more about relatives and friends of my ancestors … and to maybe someday connect with living relatives of mine in Mayo.  Peter J. Gaughan, my great grandfather, stood 6-foot-3 and by all family accounts was a handsome, charming man with an engaging personality. He took a lot of pride in being well-dressed, often wearing a top hat and tuxedo. It’s a practice he apparently handed down to his son, Austin P. Gaughan, who wore a white dress shirt with a collar every day of his adult life. Peter J. Gaughan loved politics and was involved in Scranton area election campaigns. He was the head of the board of education in Jessup, just outside Scranton, for a time. He was the Superintendent of Mines for the D&H Coal Co. in Jessup. Austin P. Gaughan, an only child, went on to have a long and successful career as a salesman and moved his family to Buffalo, N.Y., where numerous Gaughans still live. Unfortunately, family anecdotes and oral history of life in County Mayo is almost non-existent. Peter J. Gaughan and his father, Peter Gaughan, left in 1883 for America to start a new life, and there was not a lot of reminiscing with their children and grandchildren about the old country, no doubt because the conditions in Ireland that caused them to leave were so difficult.

Mark Gaughan, Buffalo, N.Y.

More information on the main site Peter (J.) Gaughan age 9, with parents Peter, Mary (Munnelly) Gaughan and siblings Michael and James.   SS Nestorian 30th March 1883, Shraigh, County Mayo to Pennsylvania.