Michael, Anna (Dixon) Barrett Family, also Pat, Mary and Sarah (O’Reilly) Dixon, Leam, Binghamstown to Minneapolis, Minnesota. SS Austrian

by ionaddeirbhile

Mike and Marji at Blacksod Memorial Garden

In May 2017 Mike Bailey and his wife Marji travelled from Minneapolis, Minnesota, back to the village of Leam on the Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo. Mike’s ancestral home. Mike’s Grandmother Sarah, (Sadie)  also travelled in the month of May, from Leam to Minneapolis in the year 1883.

At the tender age of  only 4 months, with her parents Michael and Anna,  siblings Mary 10, John 8, Pat 7, Margaret 5, and Michael 3,  all boarded the SS Austrian on Friday 25th May 1883. Sarah’s maternal grandparents, Pat and Mary (O’Reilly) Dixon, and  her aunt Sarah, were also travelling with them. All bound for Boston, headed for Minneapolis, Minnesota. Three generations of the Barrett – Dixon family left that day, embarking on a life changing journey.

As mentioned in  earlier posts, more  descendants, of the Barrett – Dixon families, travelling  from the states of Minnesota,  Colorado and Oregon, have also visited the Mullet Peninsula. Thank you to Thomas J. Barrett, descendant of Sarah’s sibling Anthony (born in Minneapolis), who has been corresponding with the Centre for many years, and kindly shared research of his ancestors’ journey with us.

Mike and Marji Bailey are members of “the Center for Irish Music” at the (Celtic Junction) Arts Centre, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Message received from Mike and Marji Bailey 30th May 2017

Love to gather with other descendants of The Mullet. My great-great grandparents, and great grandparents came to Boston and onward to Minneapolis, Minnesota. They came on The Austrian in May 1883. Sarah/Sadie was the youngest child of Michael and Anna Barrett. Sarah, also known as Sadie, was my grandmother. The Blacksod Bay descendants were shared with me and my wife on a visit with Rosemarie Geraghty at the Ionad Dierbhile Heritage Centre in Aghleam, The Mullet, Co. Meigh O, Ireland in mid-May 2017. All of the research Rosemarie had done brought my long ago family home to me. What a tremendous gift she has wrought from the immense collection of details. Many thanks Rosemarie. I have so much to share with my Barrett cousins and be sure I will. We are many and all over the world now. I hope to hear more if a gathering of descendants of the S.S. Austrian. Today is Tuesday 30 May 2017 and we have recently returned to our home in Minneapolis, MN. All the best, Mike and Marji Bailey.