Patrick, Mary (Everett, Everard) Lavelle Family, Devlane, Clogher, Mullet Peninsula. SS Canadian 1883 Quebec

by ionaddeirbhile

Patrick and Mary Lavelle with their family, Edward 19, Bridget 17, Mary 14, Nancy 11, James 9, Thomas 5 and Cath age 1, emigrated from the small coastal townland, of Devlane, Clogher, on the Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo.
The Lavelle family boarded the SS Canadian, at Blacksod Bay on the 19th May 1883.  The Ocean Steamer was headed for Quebec and arrived on the 1st of June. As with many of the families, no destination was stated on the manifest.

Anne Oldaker and daughter Katie, travelled from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, back to Devlane. Anne is a Granddaughter, of James Lavelle aged nine, when he left Erris. James eventually settled in Pennsylvania. Anne and Katie are pictured above at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim, Blacksod, home of the Blacksod Bay Emigration Exhibition and Research.

Thanks to Phil McIntyre always so helpful, also Pap and Catherine Murphy for an informative visit to Turas Siar Heritage Centre, in nearby Cartron.

Anne and Katie, by pure coincidence, also left the Mullet Peninsula on the 19th May (2018) after re-establishing a bond, with the home of their Lavelle family ancestors.

Versions of the surname, Everett have also been recorded as Everard, Everitt and Hereford. Blacksod Bay Emigration Research, finds families of Erris and Achill who boarded the same sailing at Blacksod, settled, in the Provinces of Manitoba and Ontario, also Pennsylvania, Cleveland Ohio, Bellaire Ohio and Holyoke, Massachusetts.