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Pat, Cath (Dixon) Monaghan, Leam, Mullet Peninsula to Warren, Rhode Island

by ionaddeirbhile

The small townland of Leam situated close to Elly Bay on the Mullet Peninsula, was home to Pat and Cath (Dixon) Monaghan with their seven sons, Michael 13, Anthony 11, John 9, Patrick 7, William 5, Peter 3 and Thomas 1.

For the Monaghan family the distance to board the Allan Line Steamer in the bay, was little more than a ‘stone throw’ away. A familiar path travelled many times, as often they must have made their way down to the shore. The masts of the SS Waldensian would have been visible in the distance from Leam and surrounding townlands. Soon they would be aboard the ship on their way to Warren Rhode Island, U.S.A. The 22nd June was to be the last Tuke sailing of 1883. On arrival at Boston on the 4th July, the family continued onwards to Warren, Rhode Island, to work secured at the Warren Textile Mills.

Maggie Mulligan O’Brien and John travelled from Boston, Massachusetts back to Leam, Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre and Blacksod Bay. Maggie is the granddaughter of Thomas age 1, the youngest of the seven Monaghan brothers.  Maggie and John met with local Monaghan families, who helped piece together the family history. It’s not always possible to connect descendants with present day relatives, but when it happens it’s really special!

A journey of discovery ‘family ancestors last foot on Irish soil’

Philip Mary (Gaughan) Heveron family of Doolough and Sarah (Lynch) Neary family of Srahgraddy also boarded SS Waldensian at Blacksod Bay, travelling to Warren, Rhode Island Textile Mills. 

Pat, Anne (McNamara) Monaghan, Aghadoon (Mullet Peninsula) to Montana via Quebec

by ionaddeirbhile

Saturday 10th May 1884, a life changing day for a family living in the north of the Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo. Pat and Anne (McNamara) Monaghan with their children Michael 18, James 16, Pat 13, Ann 10 and Neal (Cornelius) 6, were leaving their small townland of Aghadoon four miles NW of Belmullet. Their destination on the ship’s manifest read Livingston, Montana. As the SS Corean steamed out of Blacksod Bay, so too the families of our Erris and Achill communities with their hopes and dreams of a brighter future.

On the 8th February 1893 Pat Monaghan Jnr. married Maggie Riley/Reilly in Montana. Many years earlier Maggie Riley/Reilly age 13 (daughter of John Riley and Ellen Kearns) also boarded the same sailing at Blacksod with her parents and siblings. The Reilly family were from Ballymacsherron, Binghamstown!

Tom Pahut and family journeyed from Montana, USA back to Blacksod Bay and their roots in Aghadoon and Ballymacsherron. Tom is a great grandson of Patrick Monaghan Jnr and Maggie (Reilly) Monaghan. Amazingly in the last few months direct descendants of two of Anne and Pat (McNamara) Monaghan’s children have returned.

Pat and Anne’s son Michael Monaghan 18 would later marry Catherine Lavelle of Aghadoon (daughter of William and Honor Lavelle) in Montana. More Erris families on the same sailing, were also travelling to Livingston, Billings and Helena Montana. By 1900, Montana bound families of the Belmullet area  are seen in Anaconda, Deer Lodge – Sweet Grass, Stillwater – Silver Bow, Silver Bow – Red lodge Creek, Carbon – Billings, Yellowstone and Chestnut, Gallatin. Achill families onboard were headed for Cleveland, Ohio. 

John, Bridget (Murphy) Tighe, Toorglass, Belmullet to Scranton, Pennsylvania

by ionaddeirbhile

On the 30th March 1883, John and Bridget Tighe with their family, Bridget, Pat, Bryan, Anthony and John, along with many others, made the walk from Toorglass, Belmullet back to Elly Bay where the SS Nestorian lay at anchor.  A second family from the same townland, Anthony Dougan, wife Mary (Tighe) and seven children were also walking with the Tighes. The Nestorian arrived in Boston on the evening of 15th April, the families of our communities disembarked the next morning.

The 1900 U.S. Census shows John, Bridget and family in Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. John Snr. and sons Patrick, Anthony and John are all Anthracite Mine workers. The Dougans were living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This is Joe (pictured above) and Lori’s  second visit back to Toorglass. Joe Tighe is a Grandson of Bryan Tighe, who at the age 11 boarded the sailing of the first ship Nestorian with his family. Joe and Lori travelled from Colorado, USA to meet with relatives, visit Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre and new found friends!

Other families who left from Toorglass during the assisted emigration, are seen on the 1900 Census,  (SS Scandinavian 1883 via Quebec)) William, Ellen Gallagher and family were also in Scranton, Lackawanna and are Coal Miners. Two families Anthony, Ellen (Tighe) Geraghty and Michael, Anne Tighe are seen living in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota respectively. The Geraghty and Tighe families travelled via Quebec having boarded SS Corean at Blacksod in May 1884. Michael and Margaret (Tighe) Gaughan of Toorglass, (SS Phoenician 1883), settled in Mayfield, Lackawanna also miners. – John & Ann (O’Donnell) McGarry who travelled from Aughoose, onboard  SS Grecian June 1883, were living next door to the Gaughan family. Descendants of some of the aforementioned families have contacted the Heritage Centre and are highly likely connected.

Gaughans of Shraigh – Gallaghers of Cross – Cawleys of Lurgacloy – Heverans of Fallmore – Barretts of Shraigh – McManmons of Glencastle – Geraghtys of Drum – Dixons of Morahan – Lavelles of Inver and Tighes of Toorglass, all onboard the sailing of SS Nestorian 30th March 1883……. Incredibly, descendants of all those families have made their own journey back to Blacksod!

Ned, Bridget (Deane) Lavelle Family, Inver, Knocknalower to Pennsylvania

by ionaddeirbhile

The 30th March 1883 was the day Ned and Bridget (Deane) Lavelle with their family Bridget 18, Anthony 16, Ned 14, Martin 12, Sabina 8, Peter 7 and Mary 6, emigrated from the Townland of Inver, Knocknalower. (Belmullet District)
They were one of many Erris and Achill families,  boarding the SS Nestorian at Blacksod Bay, beginning life changing journeys.

On the 1900 US Federal Census members of the Lavelle family are living in Conyngham Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania with family members employed in the Anthracite Mines

Lenora Kenny Daniel (pictured at the Exhibition in Eachléim) is the granddaughter of Sabina Lavelle, who at eight years of age journeyed to the U.S. aboard SS Nestorian.
Lenora and Peter travelled from New York to the Belmullet area, visiting Inver also Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre

Hamden CT

Local Families leaving from Blacksod Bay, often settled in the same areas, engaged in the same employment. On one page alone, of the 1900 US Federal Census for Conyngham Township, Columbia County, are three of our Mullet Peninsula families. Anthony, Mary (Wilson) Gaughan family from Inishglora Island, Bridget (Corduff) Hogan family, who journeyed from Inishkea Island, also Bryan, Mary (Barrett) Mooney family Ardmore, Binghamstown. The families were all Mine workers.

James, Mary (Ginnelly) Lyncheron Belfarsad / Mweewillin, Achill Parish to Cleveland, Ohio, SS Waldensian

by ionaddeirbhile

James, Mary (Ginnelly) Lyncheron with their children, Michael, Mary, John, Martin, Cath, Ellen and Sibby, from the Mewillan, Belfarsad area of Achill Parish, left Blacksod Bay and the shores of County Mayo onboard SS Waldensian 22nd June 1883. The manifest stated the Lyncheron family were headed for Cleveland, where an established Achill-Mayo community already existed. Many families who journeyed to Cleveland, worked in the shipyards and Iron Foundries.  Most families remained there, as recorded on the 1900 US Federal Census.

At eight years of age Martin Lyncheron boarded the ‘Allan Line’ steamship anchored in Blacksod Bay, with his parents James, Mary and siblings. The Waldensian arrived at Boston on the evening of 4th July 1883 with the Achill and Erris families disembarking the next morning.

Standing next to a section of the Exhibition featuring the Lyncheron family, is Martin’s Grandson Ken with his family! Ken, Terri and family travelled from North Carolina, U.S.A. visiting Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim, the Memorial Garden, Blacksod and also Achill Island.

Patrick, Anne (McNamara) Monaghan Family, Aghadoon, Mullet Peninsula to Livingston, Montana SS Corean

by ionaddeirbhile

Pat and Anne (McNamara) Monaghan with their family Michael 18, James 16, Pat 13, Ann 10 and Neal (Cornelius) 6, emigrated from Aghadoon, near Belmullet, County Mayo, Ireland. The family boarded the SS Corean for Quebec on the 10th May 1884 at Blacksod Bay. Although headed for Quebec, the ship’s manifest stated Livingston, Montana, as the onward destination. The Allan Line steamship arrived at Quebec 22nd May 1884. Honor Lavelle was also travelling with the Monaghan family to Livingston, Montana.

Pat and Anne’s son Michael Monaghan, would later marry Catherine Lavelle of Aghadoon (daughter of William and Honor Lavelle) in Montana. Keith Groom and family from Washington State, recently visited Aghadoon and the Blacksod Memorial Garden. Keith is a great grandson of Michael Monaghan, who boarded SS Corean age 18 at Blacksod Bay.

Also boarding the same sailing, Bryan Carey Family destination Lost Creek, Pennsylvania, Thomas Murphy and Michael O’Boyle families destination Wisconsin from the same townland of Aghadoon. Reilly families from the Mullet Peninsula, were also travelling to Montana.

Owen, Rose (Calvey) Doran Family, Inishbiggle Island, County Mayo to Leavenworth, Kansas. SS Waldensian

by ionaddeirbhile

Owen Doran, his wife Rose and their family Cath 20, Mary 17, John 15, Martin 13, Bryan 12 and Pat 9 boarded the SS Waldensian 22nd June 1883.  The Doran family were leaving their small island home of Inishbiggle. Destination stated on the ship’s manifest was Leavenworth, Kansas. Owen’s brother Patrick had settled in Kansas many years earlier. The 1900 US Census shows Owen and Rose with daughters Catherine and Mary still living in Leavenworth.

Sarah Doran, an older daughter of Owen and Rose, married Bryan Navin. The young couple with their infant son John, left Inishbiggle Island earlier that year in the month of April, boarding SS Scandinavian at Blacksod Bay. The Navin family were living in Huron County, Ohio in 1900. The next family Tom and Sibby (McEneeley) Navin with their infant daughter Cath, boarding after Bryan and Sarah, was also leaving Inishbiggle. Tom, Sibby and family settled in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. A Peter Calvey was also travelling with the Navin families

Catherine Doran visited Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim, Blacksod, making the journey from L.A. California. Catherine is the g,g, granddaughter of Owen’s brother Patrick, and has a great deal of family history carried out on the Doran family of Inishbiggle Island, County Mayo.

Bridget (Kavanaugh) Dixon Family Morahan and Anna (Reilly) Keane Family Mullaghroe, Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo

by ionaddeirbhile

Adam with family and friends travelled from Ohio, USA

Mary Josephine Dixon, born in Morahan, on the ‘Mullet Peninsula’, boarded SS Nestorian at Blacksod Bay 30th March 1883 with her mother, Bridget (Kavanaugh) Dixon and siblings Margaret, Martin and Julia. The Dixon family were headed for Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Siblings Adam Maloney and Margaret are great grandchildren of Mary Josephine aged 16 on the manifest. They are also direct descendants of Anna (Reilly) Keane, who embarked on the sailing of the SS Phoenician 2nd May 1884 with son Henry Keane and Henry’s children John, Anne, Pat, Richard, Margaret and Owen. The Keane family from Mullaghroe were travelling to Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio. Anna’s daughter Bridget Keane/Kane, had already emigrated to the United States in 1865 with her husband Richard Murphy and son Dennis. Dennis was born in Devlane, Clogher, on the Mullet Peninsula, Dennis Murphy would later marry Mary Dixon, (also of the Mullet) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1888.

Adam with family, friends and present day Murphys from Devlane in Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim, Blacksod.

Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty Family, Drum, Mullet Peninsula to Minneapolis, Minnesota

by ionaddeirbhile

Ruth and Jose at the Tuke Exhibition. Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre

Annie Geraghty daughter of Henry and Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty born in Drum, Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo

Ann (Gaughan) Geraghty along with her family, Mary age 24, Pat 22, Ellen 20, Kate 18, James 9, Annie 6 and Lizzie 4, emigrated from the townland of Drum, near Binghamstown, situated on the Mullet Peninsula. The Geraghty family left onboard SS Nestorian 30th March 1883. No destination was stated for the family, on the ship’s manifest.
The 1885 Minnesota State Census shows Ann and husband Henry “Garrety, Garrity” (who may have travelled out before the family) also Mary, Patrick, Kate, James, Annie and Elizabeth, living in Minneapolis.

Annie’s granddaughter Ruth Stein Gaytan and Jose recently travelled back from St. Paul, Minnesota. On arrival in Ireland Ruth and Jose headed straight for the Mullet Peninsula. A ‘journey of discovery’  Exploring well known landmarks, enjoying the beautiful scenery and beaches of the Mullet Peninsula. But first and foremost, searching out and making new family connections, discovering that indescribable ‘sense of place’ …….re-establishing a heartfelt bond once again.

Ruth at the Blacksod Memorial Garden

William, Mary (Mulrooney) Hopkins, Atticonaun, Belmullet to Wolfe Island

by ionaddeirbhile

In May 1883 William Hopkins and his wife Mary, along with their family Mary 18, James 16, Thomas 13 and John 3 emigrated from the townland of Attycunnane, Belmullet, County Mayo.  The Hopkins family along with many others, boarded SS Manitoban at Blacksod Bay. When the anchor was raised and SS Manitoban left the Bay, 247 extra Passengers were onboard headed for the Port of Quebec.

Descendant, Michael Potts has carried out extensive research into his family history. William, Mary and family settled on Wolfe Island, Lake Ontario near the entrance to the St Lawrence River.  By 1891 the family were still living on Wolfe Island as the Census of Canada shows. The 1900 United States Federal Census sees the Hopkins family eventually settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Michael and Marjorie Potts from Centreville, Virginia, also Brian Veasey of Somerdale, New Jersey recently visited Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre and the Blacksod Memorial Garden. Michael’s Great Grandfather Thomas Hopkins was age 13, when he boarded SS Manitoban with his parents and siblings at Blacksod Bay,  Brian is also a descendant of Thomas Hopkins and his Veasey family was from Achill