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Bridget (Kavanaugh) Dixon Family Morahan and Anna (Reilly) Keane Family Mullaghroe, Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo

by ionaddeirbhile

Adam with family and friends travelled from Ohio, USA

Mary Josephine Dixon, born in Morahan, on the ‘Mullet Peninsula’, boarded SS Nestorian at Blacksod Bay 30th March 1883 with her mother, Bridget (Kavanaugh) Dixon and siblings Margaret, Martin and Julia. The Dixon family were headed for Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Siblings Adam Maloney and Margaret are great grandchildren of Mary Josephine aged 16 on the manifest. They are also direct descendants of Anna (Reilly) Keane, who embarked on the sailing of the SS Phoenician 2nd May 1884 with son Henry Keane and Henry’s children John, Anne, Pat, Richard, Margaret and Owen. The Keane family from Mullaghroe were travelling to Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio. Anna’s daughter Bridget Keane/Kane, had already emigrated to the United States in 1865 with her husband Richard Murphy and son Dennis. Dennis was born in Devlane, Clogher, on the Mullet Peninsula, Dennis Murphy would later marry Mary Dixon, (also of the Mullet) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1888.

Adam with family, friends and present day Murphys from Devlane in Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim, Blacksod.

James, Ellen (Cormick, Coristine) O’Malley Family. Doolough to Warren, Rhode Island. SS Phoenician 1884

by ionaddeirbhile

Barbara (Coristine) Klein

Barbara (Coristine) Klein from California at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre.

James O’Malley and wife Ellen (Cormick, Coristine) O’Malley, with their family Thomas, Anne, James, Pat, Hugh, Charles, Rose and John, emigrated on board SS Phoenician from Blacksod Bay on the 2nd May 1884. Ellen’s  late husband was James Coristine, son of Charles Coristine of Belmullet. Their children Thomas, Anne, James, Pat, Hugh and Charles travelled under the name of O’Malley. Rose and John were children of Ellen’s second marriage to  James O’Malley. Members of the family were living in Warren Town in 1900, working at the Textile Mills.

Barbara (Coristine) Klein is the great granddaughter of Thomas Coristine.  Barbara and husband James made the journey back to Blacksod and Doolough in Erris, from California.

The SS Phoenician Passenger list appears to have Ellen listed in error as Edward. A family travelling together, is more likely to be found and accurately recognized, by other members of the sailing party (as seen with the Coristine – O’Malley Family).  Later in May 1884 on board SS Prussian, several other families left Erris, for the Textile Mills of Warren Town.  

James, Mary (Ginley) Lynch and Family, Achill, County Mayo to Cleveland, Ohio

by ionaddeirbhile

Photographs: Courtesy of descendant K Lynch

Photographs: Courtesy of descendant K Lynch

My great, grandfather, James and his family settled in “The Angle” or “Irish Town” on the west side of Cleveland.  Grandfather Martin was a plumber and worked with James Joseph, also a plumber. My grandfather died young, but he transmitted his love of our Irish heritage to my father, James Martin Lynch. Dad was very active in the Irish Civic Association which organized the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Cleveland for many years and raised money for a local orphanage. The three sisters were frequent visitors at our house. They never married. Mary, the oldest was a gentle woman who took care of the home while the others worked. Nellie was very artistic and once traveled to Limoges, France to learn porcelain painting. Cecelia was a teacher and principle at various schools in the Cleveland area.

Patrick who traveled by way of Blacksod Bay in 1884, may also have been a plumber. His wife Winifred (Gallagher) Lynch and Alice, the wife of James Joseph, were sisters and from the Achill area. Thanks for all your work in helping to preserve these memories of our ancestors.

Kenneth Lynch, Cleveland

James, Mary Lynch (Lyncheron) and Family Michael, Mary, John, Martin, Cath, Ellen (Nellie) and Sibby (Cecelia) left from Achill and sailed from Blacksod Bay on the SS Waldensian 22nd June 1883 to Boston with an onward destination to Cleveland. Patrick, Winifred, Ellen and Mary Lynch (Lyncheron) left on the SS Phoenician 2nd May 1884 also with an onward destination to Cleveland.