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William, Mary (Mulrooney) Hopkins, Atticonaun, Belmullet to Wolfe Island

by ionaddeirbhile

In May 1883 William Hopkins and his wife Mary, along with their family Mary 18, James 16, Thomas 13 and John 3 emigrated from the townland of Attycunnane, Belmullet, County Mayo.  The Hopkins family along with many others, boarded SS Manitoban at Blacksod Bay. When the anchor was raised and SS Manitoban left the Bay, 247 extra Passengers were onboard headed for the Port of Quebec.

Descendant, Michael Potts has carried out extensive research into his family history. William, Mary and family settled on Wolfe Island, Lake Ontario near the entrance to the St Lawrence River.  By 1891 the family were still living on Wolfe Island as the Census of Canada shows. The 1900 United States Federal Census sees the Hopkins family eventually settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Michael and Marjorie Potts from Centreville, Virginia, also Brian Veasey of Somerdale, New Jersey recently visited Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre and the Blacksod Memorial Garden. Michael’s Great Grandfather Thomas Hopkins was age 13, when he boarded SS Manitoban with his parents and siblings at Blacksod Bay,  Brian is also a descendant of Thomas Hopkins and his Veasey family was from Achill

Bridget Mulgrew (nee Kelly), Rosturk Co. Mayo to Parsons, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, via Quebec, aboard the S.S. Manitoban

by ionaddeirbhile

Bridget Kelly Mulgrew (Mulgrue on the passenger list), daughter of Martin Kelly and Catherine Hammill, was born in Rosturk, Co. Mayo in about 1861. She married Michael Mulgrew of Murrevagh, Co. Mayo, son of Bryan Mulgrew and Honora Grealis, in the Newport Chapel on May 11, 1881. The witnesses were John Gorman from Newport and Mary Joyce from Rosgalliv. While listed on the passenger list as traveling alone, Bridget was accompanied by her parents; Martin and Catherine Kelly (nee Hammill), and her siblings, Anne (18), Michael (16), Philip (13), Patrick (10), Catherine (7), and Martin Jr. (4), her grandmother, Sarah Hammill (60), and her uncle, John Kelly (25).
Bridget , along with her grandmother, Sarah Hammill (Hamilton on the passenger list), and her Uncle John Kelly, waited in Quebec for the arrival of her husband, Michael, her daughter, Kathryn, and sister, Mary Kelly. The rest of her family pushed on to Parsons, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. They may have chosen the Luzerne area because Catherine Hammill’s siblings, Patrick Hammond (Bridget Keenan) and Mary Needham (Thomas), immigrated there years earlier, as did a few of the Hammill/Hamil/Hammond cousins. The Hammill cousins are difficult to sort out at this time, as Sarah was born a Hammill and married, Michael Hammill, both are believed to be from in and around Raigh, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
After Michael Mulgrew and the rest of the family arrived in Quebec, they continued on to Parsons, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, and purchased a modest home on Welles Ave., It’s believed that they had a total of 11 children, seven survived to adulthood; Kathryn Ring (William), John Mulgrew (Irma Piedfourck), Annie Maloney (Christopher), Thomas Mulgrew, and Fr. Edward Mulgrew, Elynor “Nellie” Mulgrew and Florence Roblee (Clayton). Four of their children passed away in infancy or at a young age, they were; Esther, Maggie, Arthur, and one unknown.
Bridget passed away on August 23, 1898 in Parsons, PA. Michael passed away October 13, 1910
Wilkes-Barre Times, August 24, 1898 Parsons
Mrs. Michael Mulgrew, one of our most excellent ladies, died yesterday morning of heart failure after a painful illness. Mrs. Mulgrew was possessed of many Christian traits of character which endeared her to all. She is survived by her husband and seven children, the oldest a girl aged 16 years, and the youngest a baby 1 year old. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kelly, and three sisters and four brothers are also left to mourn her death. Her funeral will take place Thursday.
The Wilkes-Barre Record from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 25
October 15, 1910
After a week’s Illness of pneumonia Michael Mulgrew, for thirty years a resident of this place, died at his home on Welles Avenue early yesterday, deceased was 65 years of age. He was well known in this vicinity and in Pittston, Pa.
A large number of friends mourn his demise. He is survived by the following children: Mrs. William Ring, John Mulgrew, Mrs. Christopher Maloney, Thomas, Edward, Nellie and Florence Mulgrew. The funeral will be held Monday (October 17, 1910) afternoon at 3 o’clock wit h Interment in Sacred Heart Cemetery at Plains.
Their Children:
Kathryn “Katie” Mulgrew (1882-1961) married William Ring, son of John Ring and Mary Hurley. They had 9 children, 7 whom survived to adulthood; Mary “Mamie” Perry (John), Jack Ring, Virginia “Irma” Hopkins (Terrence), Thomas (Devona Mast), Edward (Eileen Scheid), James (Marilyn McCarthy), and Patricia Smith (William).
John “Johnny” Mulgrew (1883-1947), played baseball under the name “Johnny Hughes.” He was one of the all time catching greats of the American Association, and played for the Brewers. He was the Catcher for Harry Clark’s Pennant Willing Clubs of 1913 and 1914. He adopted the name “Hughes” so he could play professionally while attending college. He used the name for the remainder of his baseball career, which was his great grandmother’s maiden name on the Mulgrew side of the family, He married, Irma Piedfourck, and had 6 children; June Lango (Roy), Jack Mulgrew, Mary Schneider (Raymond), Robert (Joyce) Mulgrew, James Mulgrew and William “Barney” Mulgrew.
Annie Mulgrew (1886-1926) married Christopher Maloney (1883-1938), son of Michael Maloney and Anna McCauliffe (McAuliffe?). They had 7 children; Martin (Elizabeth), Anna Ruth (James), Christopher (Angela Patla), John (Viola), Edward, Florence Greenblatt (Erwin) and Helen Rogan (Joseph).
Thomas Mulgrew (1889-?), never married, and worked in the coal industry, he eventually retired to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I lost track of him.
Rev. Edward Mulgrew (1892-1934), was assistant pastor of St. Aloysius’ Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio.
Elynor Mulgrew (1894-1964), never married and moved to Cleveland, there she owned a Detective agency, Trucking company, and finally a small Delicatessen, she was also was a secretary, a nurse, Vice President of Smith Messenger Service and a State Representative.
Florence Mulgrew (1896-1934), moved to Milwaukee with her brother, John, she married, Clayton Roblee, son of Melvin Roblee and Josephine “Nancy” Large. They had two children; Theodore (Doris Pritzkow) and Jerome (Emily Poliak).

Edward O’Malley

Many thanks to Edward for kindly sharing his story and photograph of Bridget, with other descendants. This post is also featured as a DISQUS message re: Bridget Mulgrue age 18, SS Manitoban, on our main site. There are also DISQUS messages kindly left by Jack McNulty and John Loughney re: Martin Kelly age 45. SS Manitoban. 


Chambers and Hoban Families from Newport West to Cleveland & Youngstown, Ohio

by ionaddeirbhile

My husband’s, (Jim Pischel), great grandmother, Catherine Chambers & great, great grandfather Nicholas Chambers (Chalmbers) were on the ship “Canadian” that docked in Boston on April 24, 1884. The year before, other members of Catherine and Nicholas’ family, were also part of the Tuke Emigration Scheme and were on the “Manitoban” that docked in Quebec on May 18, 1883.

1) Anna Chambers Hoban (daughter of Nicholas), her husband Peter Hoban, and infant daughter Mary Hoban. 2) Mary Chambers (daughter of Nicholas) 3) Mary Hoban (assuming sister of Peter Hoban)

I’ve been told that families left Ireland together.  Since the mother (Anna Mary McIntyre Chambers) never came with them, I’m assuming that the family left at two different times because she might have been ill.  I’ve never found a death date for her. Nicholas, Catherine, Anna, Peter, Mary Hoban, and Mary Chambers all ended up on the west side of Cleveland.  I do not know what happened to Mary Hoban the sister. Read the rest of this entry »

Pat, Sarah (O’Toole) Barratt, Elly Bay, Binghamstown. SS Manitoban to Quebec.

by ionaddeirbhile

Pat, Sarah (O’Toole) Barratt with their family Anthony, James, Pat, Bridget, Kate, Sarah, Anthony and William.

“My great grandmother who was 8 years old at the time, along with her family, left Belmullet on the SS Manitoban in 1883. The family name is Barrett. Patrick and Sally (O’Toole), with their 7 children and a brother (?) They ended up in Lucan, Ontario, Canada. Catherine my great grandmother married and ended up in Toledo, Ohio. She had 10 children, the last was my grandmother. Looking forward to going to Ireland to see the birthplace of my ancestors”  …………………….Kathleen Siegirst

(original comment from Kathleen Siegrist on Descendant of Barrett Dixon families)

William, Margaret (Hunt) Gaughan and Family, Tallagh Hill, Belmullet to Ontario, Canada.

by ionaddeirbhile

William Gaughan Great, Great, Grandfather

William Gaughan Great, Great, Grandfather

My 2nd Great Grandfather William Gaughan, and my 2nd Great Grandmother, his wife Margaret (Hunt) emigrated from Blacksod Bay on the S.S. Manitoban in May 1883. They had lived in Bellmullet and Tallagh.  They emigrated with their children; son Michael, daughter Mary, son Thomas, daughter Margaret, who was age 13 and my Great-Grandmother, and lastly their daughter Annie.  They traveled to Toronto Canada and settled in Milton, which is in the Halton region of Ontario, located approximately 25 miles West of Toronto. According to the 1891 Canada census record William was widowed and I do not yet know what year his wife Mary died. One unconfirmed source says they are buried side by side in Georgetown, Ontario.

Margaret Gaughan "Jnr." Great grandmother

Margaret Gaughan “Jnr.” Great grandmother

My Great Grandmother Margaret married an Englishman named Robert Sills in 1891. My grandmother’s family actually called him “The Englishman”.  They lived in Ontario in the Halton and Wellington regions. While living in Canada they had three children; Robert, Mary and Thomas. The family emigrated to Detroit, Michigan sometime between 1901 and 1903. They had three more children; George, Ethel and Joseph.  My grandfather Robert Sills was a builder. He owned a building company and became quite wealthy during Detroit’s Golden Age.

Margaret’s daughter Ethel Irene was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1906. The family lived very well in Detroit until the Great Depression wiped out my Grandfather financially.  He died destitute in 1944 and my Great-Grandmother died in 1932 during the Great Depression.

My grandmother Ethel married a man named Harold Stock in Detroit in 1926. Harold was also half Irish, his mother Katherine Manion’s parents, were Irish emigrants from Limerick. My grandmother Ethel had six children. Read the rest of this entry »