Peter, Rose (Barrett) McAndrew Family, Glencastle, County Mayo to Erin Prairie, Wisconsin

by ionaddeirbhile

On Friday the 11th of May 1883 Peter and Rose (Barrett) McAndrew with their family Anthony, Anne, John, Henry (Harry), Helen, Cath, twins Rose and Bridget, and Mary emigrated from their home in Glencastle. The McAndrew family (including another Rose McAndrew, also travelling with them) left the Barony of Erris, directly from Blacksod Bay onboard SS Prussian. Peter, Rose and family settled in St Croix County, Wisconsin and farmed in Erin Prairie.

Cath McAndrew was age six when she left Glencastle with her parents and siblings, her granddaughter Maria Meade visited the McAndrew family homestead in 2011.

“I thought people would like to know about this song. My Cousins shared the song on a cassette with me initially when I was there. They knew the song. Apparently many in Belmullet and surrounding areas know the song.
The photo is the owner of McDonnell Pub in Belmullet, singing the song to us one night in the pub, accompanied by the guitar player who was entertaining.
It was a life-changing moment. Perhaps you could post it on the site”