Dominick, Bridget (Meenahan) Barrett Family, Barhauve, Belmullet to Delaware, Ohio

by ionaddeirbhile

Andrew and family at Blacksod Memorial Garden. 

Dominick Barrett with his wife Bridget and children Michael 9, Honor 7 and Bridget age six months, lived in the townland of Barhauve, near Belmullet. Bridget was formerly Bridget Meenahan from Gortmellia. The Barrett family emigrated on the SS Canadian 13th April 1884, the first of four sailings that departed in 1884 directly from Blacksod Bay. The destination stated on the ship’s manifest was to Delaware, Ohio. After they arrived at the Port of Boston on the 24th April, the family continued on their life changing journey. On the 1900 United States Census, the Barretts were still living in Delaware, Ohio.

Andrew Paul and family travelled from Washington D.C. back to the Mullet Peninsula, the homeplace of his ancestors. Bridget (Bridgie) Barrett, age just six months, onboard the sailing of SS Canadian, was Andrew’s Great Grandmother.

Andrew at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre Eachléim, Blacksod.

The ‘Mullet Peninsula’ is the Kilmore Erris, Church Parish, Diocese of Killala. ‘Mullet Peninsula’ Civil Records come under the Belmullet District.