James, Ellen (Cormick, Coristine) O’Malley Family. Doolough to Warren, Rhode Island. SS Phoenician 1884

by ionaddeirbhile

Barbara (Coristine) Klein

Barbara (Coristine) Klein from California at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre.

James O’Malley and wife Ellen (Cormick, Coristine) O’Malley, with their family Thomas, Anne, James, Pat, Hugh, Charles, Rose and John, emigrated on board SS Phoenician from Blacksod Bay on the 2nd May 1884. Ellen’s  late husband was James Coristine, son of Charles Coristine of Belmullet. Their children Thomas, Anne, James, Pat, Hugh and Charles travelled under the name of O’Malley. Rose and John were children of Ellen’s second marriage to  James O’Malley. Members of the family were living in Warren Town in 1900, working at the Textile Mills.

Barbara (Coristine) Klein is the great granddaughter of Thomas Coristine.  Barbara and husband James made the journey back to Blacksod and Doolough in Erris, from California.


The SS Phoenician Passenger list appears to have Ellen listed in error as Edward. A family travelling together, is more likely to be found and accurately recognized, by other members of the sailing party (as seen with the Coristine – O’Malley Family).  Later in May 1884 on board SS Prussian, several other families left Erris, for the Textile Mills of Warren Town.