Michael, Anna (Dixon) Barrett Family. Leam, Binghamstown to Minneapolis, Minnesota. SS Austrian

by ionaddeirbhile


Kevin Barrett Harlander, is a Great, Great Grandson of Michael Barrett and Anna (Dixon), who, with their six children, boarded the SS Austrian 25th May 1883 at Blacksod Bay. He can even go back another generation as his Great, Great, Great, Grandparents,  Pat and Mary Dixon with their daughter Sarah, were also leaving along with their son in law, Michael and daughter Anna.

Rosemarie, Kevin and Anna

Rosemarie, Kevin and Anna

Kevin  and Anna Bird  travelled from Portland, Oregon back to his ancestors’ birthplace of Leam, on the Mullet Peninsula. Other descendants, of the Barrett – Dixon families, have also visited Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre. This includes Kevin’s brother Connor in 2013 from Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Scheurer – Moloney family earlier this year, travelling from Denver, Colorado. Thank you to all descendants who travel a great distance, back to their ancestral home place.