Frank, Sarah (McKeon) Tougher Family. Tipp, Belmullet to Ontario, Canada. SS Scandinavian 1883

by ionaddeirbhile

Max Leighton, descendant of Frank, Sarah (McKeon) Tougher Family, who boarded SS Scandinavian at Blacksod Bay. A family of our Community remembered at Blacksod Memorial Garden

Max Leighton, Toronto, descendant of Frank, Sarah (McKeon) Tougher and Family, who emigrated onboard SS Scandinavian in 1883, remembered at Blacksod Memorial Garden

Researcher Rosemarie Geraghty and Max at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre

Researcher Rosemarie Geraghty and Max at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre

Frank and Sarah with their family Anthony, Bridget, Francis, James, Michael and Ellen left Blacksod Bay  onboard SS Scandinavian 22nd April 1883 for the port of Quebec.  Other families of Erris, Achill and also the same townland of Tipp, made the voyage together. The manifest stated “No destinations given, all Tuke’s passengers”. On the 1891 Census of Canada, the Tougher family are living at Muskoka and Parry Sound, Ontario. As with many Toughers arriving in the United States, the name Tougher in Canada,  became Tucker.

Bridget Tougher  was age fourteen when she travelled from Tipp to Canada with her parents and siblings.  Max Leighton, a great, great grandson of Bridget, made the journey back to Tipp from Toronto. Thank you to Phil McIntyre, for kindly guiding everyone around the townland of Tipp.

Richard Rook, a descendant of John and Cath (Murray) Tougher of Tipp, was also visiting the Centre from Massachusetts, with his wife Dyan.  John, Cath and   family, emigrated a week after Frank and Sarah, onboard SS Phoenician from Blacksod Bay. Max, Richard and Dyan also attended a Tougher Family Re-union, organized by Anna Lynskey  and held in Cartron, at Turas Siar Irish Language, Culture Research and Genealogy Centre ran by Pap and Catherine Murphy.

Max, Anna, Richard and Dyan.

Max Leighton, Anna Lynskey, Richard and Dyan Rook at Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim.

In April 1883 two families left from the same townland on different ships, one to the United States and the other to Canada. On a weekend in October 2016 a descendant of each of those families met up on the Mullet Peninsula, where it all began.

Descendants sharing a common bond and history.