Bryan, Mary (Reilly) Carey Family, Aughadoon, Belmullet to Lost Creek, Pennsylvania. SS Corean 1884

by ionaddeirbhile

carey-descendants-ss-corean-1On the 10th of May 1884, the Allan Line Steamship SS Corean lay anchored in Blacksod Bay, awaiting her passengers. One of the families boarding the ship that day, was Bryan Carey with his wife Mary (Reilly) and young son Robert. The Carey family lived on the north of the Mullet Peninsula, in the townland of Aughadoon. When the family arrived at the port of Quebec on the 22nd of May, Bryan, Mary and Robert continued their journey onwards to Lost Creek, Pennsylvania.

carey-descendants-ss-coreanGranddaughter, Helen Marie Keogh and her family, travelled from New York back to Aughadoon, the homeplace of their ancestors. Thank you to Ms. Phil McIntyre for kindly connecting the Carey Family with present day relatives. Thanks also to the Carey Family descendants for sharing their photographs.

Many County Mayo families boarding SS Corean at Blacksod Bay, were “ticketed” to destinations in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Montana.