Honora (Reilly) Heveran Family, Fallmore, Blacksod to Youngstown, Ohio. SS Nestorian

by ionaddeirbhile

Ann Heveran - Heavern

Ann Heveran – Heavern

Honora (Reilly) Heveran (widow of Pat Heveran) with her family Ellis, Bridget, Annie, Cath and Pat lived in the townland of Fallmore, Blacksod on the Mullet Peninsula. The Heverans left County Mayo onboard SS Nestorian 30th March 1883, bound for the port of Boston. On leaving Blacksod Bay,  their home would have been clearly visible, off the starboard side of the ship

The family journeyed onwards  to their destination, stated as Ohio. The Heveran / Heavern family settled in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

Thank you to Diann Fahey for sharing family photographs of Grandmother Ann Heavern and siblings. Diann’s grandmother Ann met and married James Fahey and they moved to Buffalo, New York in the 1890s


The surname Heveran has many spelling variations. In the United States the family were known as Heavern