Chambers and Hoban Families from Newport West to Cleveland & Youngstown, Ohio

by ionaddeirbhile

My husband’s, (Jim Pischel), great grandmother, Catherine Chambers & great, great grandfather Nicholas Chambers (Chalmbers) were on the ship “Canadian” that docked in Boston on April 24, 1884. The year before, other members of Catherine and Nicholas’ family, were also part of the Tuke Emigration Scheme and were on the “Manitoban” that docked in Quebec on May 18, 1883.

1) Anna Chambers Hoban (daughter of Nicholas), her husband Peter Hoban, and infant daughter Mary Hoban. 2) Mary Chambers (daughter of Nicholas) 3) Mary Hoban (assuming sister of Peter Hoban)

I’ve been told that families left Ireland together.  Since the mother (Anna Mary McIntyre Chambers) never came with them, I’m assuming that the family left at two different times because she might have been ill.  I’ve never found a death date for her. Nicholas, Catherine, Anna, Peter, Mary Hoban, and Mary Chambers all ended up on the west side of Cleveland.  I do not know what happened to Mary Hoban the sister.

Nicholas passed away in 1899 and is buried in St. John’s Cemetery. Catherine and Mary married brothers; Catherine to Dominic Walsh and Mary to Patrick Walsh. Catherine and Dominic had  7 children and still have 7th generation family in the Cleveland area.  Catherine died in 1930 as a result of a traffic accident and is buried in Calvary Cemetery. Mary and Patrick had 5 children and also have family members still in the Cleveland area.  Mary died in 1925 and is also buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Anna and Peter had 6 children and also have family members in the Cleveland area as well as the Youngstown, Ohio area. Peter died in 1899 as a result of a fractured skull that occurred from an accident in the ship yards where he was employed.

Kindly sent in by Pat Pischel, Cleveland, Ohio.

The surname of Nicholas and Catherine Chambers was written as Chalmbers on the ship’s manifest. Nicholas Chambers was from Ardagh and Peter Hoban from Derrycooldrim, just outside Mulranny in the Parish of Burrishoole, County Mayo