Pat, Anne (Shevlane) Murphy, Tallagh, Belmullet to Indiana (via Quebec) SS Scandinavian

by ionaddeirbhile

Jon and Lori Murphy Murphy Family SS Scandinavian

On the 22nd April 1883 the Murphy family from Tallagh, Belmullet boarded the “Allan Line” steamer SS Scandinavian at Blacksod Bay for Quebec. The manifest stated for all the families boarding “No destination given, all Tuke’s passengers.” Pat and Anne Murphy with their young children Margaret, Michael and Pat made a life changing journey, that would see them settling in Parke County, Indiana. The Murphy family eventually made their home in Mecca, Indiana.

Jon Murphy, a Grandson of Pat Murphy Jnr. travelled from Chicago, Illinois, with his wife Lori, back to Tallagh, Belmullet, the ancestral homeplace of his family.

(Many families left from the townland of Tallagh, Belmullet situated on the Mullet Peninsula).