Michael, Julia (Currigan) Mulloy and Family, Newport West, County Mayo. SS Austrian

by ionaddeirbhile

Barbara Roseman Mulloy Family AustrianMichael and Julia Mulloy with their family John 19, Michael 16, Rose 13 and James 10 from the Rosturk, Mulranny area of Newport West, County Mayo, emigrated onboard the steamship SS Austrian from Blacksod Bay, 25th May 1883. A Cath Mulloy 60 also appears to have been travelling with the family. The Mulloys were making the journey to Boston. Initially having a destination to Ashley, Pennsylvania, the family settled in Scranton, Lackawanna County. Barbara Roseman direct descendant of Michael and Julia Mulloy, with husband David travelled back from New York to the Rosturk, Mulranny area of Newport West and also to Ionad Deirbhile Heritage Centre, Eachléim, Blacksod Bay.

Thank you to friends in the Newport area, who also met with Barbara and David. “Cead Mile Failte to our first “Newport West” Mulloy family descendant”

Other local families also left from the Rosturk, Murrevagh, Rosgallive areas of Newport West, onboard SS Austrian, including Michael, Honor (Moran) Mulloy family: Pat, Cath (Mulloy) Gorman family: Michael, Mary (Keane) Grehen family and Pat, Cath (Murtagh) Malley family, with onward destinations to Cleveland, Ohio