Jordan, Barrett, Cawley, Geraghty families, Mullet Peninsula, County Mayo to Rushville, Indiana

by ionaddeirbhile

Kevin Hufferd at Elly Bay, an inlet of Blacksod Bay

Kevin Hufferd at Elly Bay, an inlet of Blacksod Bay

A direct descendant, of two families who emigrated on different sailings from Blacksod Bay, recently travelled from California, to the Mullet Peninsula, home of his ancestors.

Kevin’s future Great Grandmother Cath Cawley along with her parents William, Annie (Geraghty) Cawley and Cath’s siblings William, Michael, Frank, James, Margaret, Maria and Anthony, left from Lurgacloy, Drum, near Binghamstown. The Cawley family, accompanied by future Great Grandfather John Jordan, all embarked on the sailing of SS Nestorian leaving Blacksod 30th March 1883 for Boston, with an onward destination to Rushville, Indiana.

Soon afterwards on the 22nd June, John’s parents John and Bridget (Barrett) Jordan, siblings Anthony, Mary and Bridget left their home at Ballybeg, Binghamstown. The Jordan family made the voyage aboard SS Waldensian to Boston. After 12 days at sea the vessel arrived in Boston on Independence Day 4th July. Both families made their homes in Rushville Indiana.Emigration Plaque Elly Blacksod Bay - Copy

Message from Kevin Hufferd

My visit to the Mullet Peninsula in May, shortly after the passing of my father, was extremely moving. Thanks to the excellent research and generosity of Rosemarie Geraghty and her volunteer Philomena McIntyre I was able to visit the various sites where my ancestors lived, prayed and were laid to rest. And for those that ultimately immigrated from this beautiful stretch of land, I was able to follow the road they traveled down to the beach on Elly Bay on a cold Friday morning, on March 30, 1883 and from which they were rowed to a gunboat and then ferried to the S.S. Nestorian for the trip to Boston and ultimately on to Rushville, Indiana. I came to the area to try to get a more intimate sense of the lives of my ancestors and because of the excellent work by the kind folks at the Ionad Deirbhile I was able to do this beyond my wildest imagining. I left with a deeper appreciation of the special bond between the Irish and American people.