Pat, Sarah (O’Toole) Barratt, Elly Bay, Binghamstown. SS Manitoban to Quebec.

by ionaddeirbhile

Pat, Sarah (O’Toole) Barratt with their family Anthony, James, Pat, Bridget, Kate, Sarah, Anthony and William.

“My great grandmother who was 8 years old at the time, along with her family, left Belmullet on the SS Manitoban in 1883. The family name is Barrett. Patrick and Sally (O’Toole), with their 7 children and a brother (?) They ended up in Lucan, Ontario, Canada. Catherine my great grandmother married and ended up in Toledo, Ohio. She had 10 children, the last was my grandmother. Looking forward to going to Ireland to see the birthplace of my ancestors”  …………………….Kathleen Siegirst

(original comment from Kathleen Siegrist on Descendant of Barrett Dixon families)